Since I first published the initial version of the website I have received a couple of questions about this image I use on the homepage. So even though an image often tells more than a thousand words, sometimes an image needs some additional comments to be really appreciated.

As you can read on that same page security is part of your quality system, and as such it needs continous improvement to keep your data secure. The image is clearly a jail. Together with images of a lock (and key), and a safe, it is often referred to when I ask people to describe security. Only this jail clearly has not been maintained for quite some time, resulting in a (beautiful) mess.

It provides an image to those interested in the services provided by UNICORN Security of the situation they want to avoid. The nightmare for any business or institution. Sensitive data, leaked to a third party that should not have had access to that data.

That is the reason I included this image on a prominent place on the website. To remind each visitor to take proper responsibility to keep their data secure. For themselves, but perhaps even more so, for their customers.