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It’s all about keeping your data safe; both Intellectual Property, and sensitive customer data

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Data security is part of your quality system. It is a process that needs continuous improvement, else problems will occur!

UNICORN Security is an agile and flexible organisation that helps you to take care of all major aspects in the realm of Cybersecurity. We only use the Cyber word to lure you to our website. Our experience clearly shows that it is all about the data, but data is not a sexy word. It cannot be hyped by slick salespeople in shiny suits. We do not like hypes; they only distract you from what is important. We care about our customers, and the security of the data they possess and/or process. Both intellectual property and all kinds of personal data; so should you. We founded UNICORN Security in 2017 because it was time again for a back to basics, no-nonsense IT security services provider, to help organisations to focus once more on the actual important issues.